Have you stopped?



am i tired? or am i just weak?
why can’t i climb, to the same steps that you’ve taken?
why can’t i have the same blissful wings that you have?
why can’t i see, to the heavenly clouds above my head?
i don’t have time
i do not
but i still can’t hear your goodbyes…
why? why? why? why? why? why? why? 😥

***Ya Allah ya Rabb,
jika inilah jalan terbaik bagiku untuk menggapai ridho-Mu,
maka mudahkanlah
Anugrahkanlah kekuatan dan semangat baru disetiap hariku, Aamiin 

(Mataram, 24th March 2013, 20.36)


19 thoughts on “Have you stopped?

  1. No one’s gonna bother me anymore
    No one’s gonna mess with my head no more
    I can’t understand what all the fightin’s for
    But it’s so nice here down off the shore
    I wish you could see this
    Cause there’s nothing to
    It’s peaceful here and its
    fine with me
    Not like the world where I
    used to live
    I never really wanted to

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